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ABOUT SC Resources


We are a minority-owned company with a passion for using the best tools to build / expand your IT. We provide, among others: IT support services, application development, network and cloud services, virtualization, data migration services and cybersecurity services.

We commercialize software and manage the necessary resources for the implementation of customized technological solutions. Complemented with technical support services and maintenance of computer equipment.

At SC Resources we work with a vocation of service oriented to the satisfaction of our clients and we are characterized by the solidity of the fostered values: trust, flexibility, experience, knowledge and quality in everything we offer.


Bring the benefits of modern technology to all areas of society, facilitating the implementation and maintenance process. All this without neglecting the quality and adaptability of the services.


Through a new business model to offer professionals who can perform any technological need, at an adaptable cost and with the highest quality standards.

Our strengths

What are the pillars that Support us?.


Efficient and effective technologies

We do not want to waste your time and much less delay in launching your product or having it, that is why we use efficient and effective technologies that allow us to do more with less work.

Assistance, support and maintenance

Things do not stop at working just once. What we want is to provide you as a customer, the necessary support and assistance so that you can make the most of the solution developed by us.

Quality in the process

Our goal is not to give quality to your software product when it is already built, because a software solution is not like a flour dough, you squeeze it a little and that’s it.


Scalable products

A company or project is like a living being: it grows and develops. That is why we develop your software project with scalability and growth in mind.
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