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Different solutions for your Business.

Web design

We build your Website to Measure!

Your website is the business card of your company on the internet, for this reason the good design of it is of the utmost importance. A modern, novel and simplistic design is what characterizes the work with the SC Resources firm.


  • We back up your website data.
  • Indexed in search engines.
  • Remodeling your website.
  • Security on your https / SSL website.

Mobile Development

Development of Mobile Apps for various devices, multiplatform.

We are a company dedicated to the development of solutions for mobile, robust and scalable applications that will help you in their development, reducing time and costs and increasing the quality of your products, within our products is the development of Mobile Applications for: Iphone and Android.


  • We develop apps for Android.
  • We develop apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad).
  • Development of Multiplatform Applications and Web-apps.

We are experts in Digital Marketing & SEO.

We help your company to sell more through digital marketing. Analyzing your business, niche and your competition, we establish the way and the routes to reach a potential client, thus concretizing what we know with the Digital Marketing plan.

Search Engine Optimization

5+ years experience

Web positioning is the process of obtaining a high rank (first positions) in the results pages of a search engine.

Advertising campaign

Estimating the capital

Service created for advertising in search engines and social networks with the aim of capturing more leads in addition to growing your brand.

Pixel & Analytics (ROI)

Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel

ROI (Return On Investment) is the economic value generated as a result of carrying out marketing activities. With these data we can measure the profitability obtained from an investment.

Social Media Management

Estimating the capital

Social media is a service designed for those companies that do not have the time or staff to serve their users on the different social networks.

Servers Management

We Keep Everything Organized For You In One Place.

We take care of your server infrastructure so you can focus on improving your business and products.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure
  • DNS servers.

Support & Technical Assistance

Technical assistance, support and maintenance.

Our technical support for the world’s best brands provides your customers with the highest quality multi-channel level 1-3 scaling and technical support. We help users of PC / devices, software / games and large B2B business products troubleshoot device, application, browser and operating system problems. Or: resolve system conflicts, security vulnerabilities, hardware / software interoperability and connectivity issues, and usability challenges.

Outsourcing Service

We provide software development services in Outsourcing mode.

SC Resources provides software development services in Outsourcing Services mode from its Delivery Centers located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  • Scrum methodology
  • Product quality

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